Usina de pesquisa

We are a boutique market research firm specialized on understanding of human motivation. We look for the movements and trends that affect life, economic, market, brands, routine, country and their consequences on the global dynamics.

The studies usually use market research skills as it bases for the data search. We use qualitative and quantitative methodologies – depending on the scope of each project.

The Usina de Pesquisa teams are built according to the scope and needs for each study. Works in remote bases save money and time. And also allow us to work with team that is not necessarily in the same geographic area.

We work as internal market research/ consumer intelligence and information department, advising about the needs for studies. We deliver an annual plan and follow all projects and decisions related to marketing intelligence, competitors and consumer understanding.

Usina de Pesquisa is settled in Sao Paulo, with partners in all Brazil, Latin America, and in the UK.

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